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Our treatments are prepared for your skin using natural and organic ingredients.

We choose ingredients by looking at where the ingredients are sourced from and the quality of the raw materials. For example, a good quality essential oil is like a fine wine, where it is grown and how it is extracted makes the difference to the quality of the essential oil. As with wine, there are seasons and subtle changes from year to year. We source our products from suppliers that understand the importance of the product quality and the impact on the environment.

Karen has had a lifelong interest in such natural and organic ingredients and has seen the impact that the quality of ingredients has on skincare. Our skin absorbs everything it is exposed to, so we believe in having the best ingredients for your skin. So our skincare products are lightly preserved to maintain the product integrity and efficacy, and as the ingredients are natural they do not have long shelf lives. 

We are passionate about making products that your skin can trust and you will love!

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