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Not only do we believe in thoughtful skincare, but we believe in thoughtful packaging that cares for our environment.

We aim to use the most sustainable packaging possible for our products, and we are constantly working on ways of making our products more environmentally friendly. 

The knowledge about recycling, what is recyclable, and the impact on our planet is growing all the time. We work hard to check, we are not stopping one problem and causing another, we don't "Green Wash". So, we will tell you straight...recycling is hard but important and we will not have all the answers but we are working to be as good as we can be. 

Our philosophy is to reduce where possible, reuse what we can, and recycle the remainder.


We do our best to keep our packaging simple, so we will not supply excessive packaging, just a few carefully selected gift boxes for presents to your friends, so you can inspire them.

We are looking to reduce our use of plastic and will continue to look for viable alternatives. Most of our products now come in glass which can be reused or recycled.


We ship our orders in boxes and packaging that we receive - feel free to do the same! When feasible we reuse the packaging that we have received ingredients and other goods. Occasionally, this might be bubble wrap. No, we don't like it it but better to reuse than throw away.

We like to reuse our own packaging too, so please bring back your empty glass bottles and jars, you will receive a discount off your next purchase!


We recycle everything we can that we cannot we would love you to do the same. Everyone's actions for the good, take us one step nearer to helping our planet. 

We are using PCR plastic bottles for our shower washes and cleansers as we do not want anyone to have broken glass in the shower. The bottles are widely recyclable through most councils schemes, so please recycle or find a creative use for them and send us a picture so we can share your ideas.